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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bases Loaded Weekly Article V By: Marissa Moore

What has softball done for people like Extra Innings General Manager Josh Renshaw (16u Coach) and Patrick Adams (18u Gold Coach)?

It has given them the opportunity to create an organization that develops athletes in a family style environment. Extra Innings began with a 10u and 12u team as well as three baseball teams. Since then they have had the opportunity to nurture the organization. It has developed into a program that represents the desire to impact the lives of athletes who play with passion. Patrick explained that Extra Innings feels just like a family. “We spend so much time together and we truly care about each and every girl and their family.” He went on to say that if you’re looking for a home and a sense of comfort than Extra Innings is the place for you.

Extra Innings currently consists of 10 softball teams and five baseball teams with the potential to see continued growth. The organization stands by its independent drive and ability to give their players a support system that expands beyond the field. Josh Renshaw created this concept when he began coaching his daughters’ t-ball team and from there had the opportunity to start this organization with just two teams. For Extra Innings softball is a platform for everyone involved. Josh explained, “As coaches we have a tremendous opportunity to reach young people and make a positive difference in their lives.” The

passion on behalf of coaches and parents is evident in the growth that the organization has seen within the past three years.

Josh said that the goal for Extra Innings

is to continue its success and grow to be “the most

respected organization around. Both on and off the field.”

The organization calls a 16,000 square foot indoor facility

home. The facility has a workout area and pro shop located

in Plano, Tx. They also have an outdoor facility that is

located on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas.

The organization is anticipating growth and looking to

expand by opening a facility and/or complex in

the Tarrant County area. You can check out information

regarding the facility by visiting the site.

Extra Innings is an organization that focuses on the game of softball and the passion it brings. It is small moments around the game that impacts the lives of coaches and players. For Patrick and his team it was the best decision for them to step into the Extra Innings world.

Patrick started in the program eight years ago when his girls began lessons at the Extra Innings facility. He said “We had been to many facilities and have had many instructors but there was just something so irreplaceable about our experience with EI.” Extra Innings wants their athletes to feel valued and respected on and off the field and they have continued to develop this reputation.

Extra Innings currently has a staff of people who jump at the opportunity

to help their athletes. Their coaches know how much they can impact

their teams. For example Patrick said that “as a coach it is my role to be

a good role model for the young ladies on my team and it’s my job to

ensure that they continue to excel on and off the softball field.”

More importantly Extra Innings wants to make their organization feel

like a home. This organization is so much more than winning games.

They have built the foundation for an environment that sees the

opportunities within the sport of softball. They have the ability to

establish a sense of respect for their brand that will impact the development

of athletes into successful individuals.

Further more, I asked Patrick and Josh as a coach what do you see

in the future for Extra Innings?

“I feel confident that Extra Innings has a bright future. When you have people that care about their athletes and want to see them succeed, it means everything. It’s our job as coaches to get them where they need to be on the field but more importantly we need to provide the support that helps them get to the next level off the field. You can’t beat that.”

“We’re growing our program everyday by doing it the right way and with the right people.”

-Josh Renshaw

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